This website

I have made a personal website three times now, but I'm feeling like this one will stick.

Ever since I discovered Hugo back in 2016, I have always had a fondness for static site generators. I have always enjoyed trying new things, and so far have never used the same static site generator twice. I made my first personal site with Hugo, I made a video game idea website with Jekyll. Wait, no I actually used Hugo twice - another time for the website for Red Pine Paper - but that website sucks. I made Redeemer Church's website with Gatsby and NetlifyCMS and then remade my personal website with Sapper.

Which brings us to this site, my third personal site. This one is made with Next.js with Storyblok for a CMS. I'm feeling good about this one. I think the reason I bounced around so much is that early in my career I didn't feel like I had any particular proficiency in any web technology; my first four years out of college were at a job writing Delphi. So I just started trying stuff out, Go was getting popular at the time and that's how I found Hugo. Fast-forward to now, and I have several years of React under my belt and feel very at home in front-end development.

With all the React experience (and I also really like it) it seemed like Gatsby and Next.js were the two obvious choices. Don't ask me why I last remade my website with Sapper, that was just a bad idea (it's not a bad tool, I just don't know Svelte). Well, I had already tried Gatsby, and I didn't like it. I don't think I care for GraphQL (but I've also never really tried to learn it, so 🤷‍♂️). So, I decided to try Next.js this time around. I've barely used it enough to give it any sort of review, so - I won't do that.