Little React Things: Cleaning up dependencies

We're going to look at a simple way to trim some unnecessary dependencies from our dependency lists.

Little React Things: Less reacting, more deriving

In this second post in the Little React Things series, I talk about how we should remove unnecessary reactions from our React applications and replace them with derivations.

Little React Things: React applications are functions

Little React Things is a series of short, React-focused posts where I share some things I've learned over the past few years of developing with React. I hope you find them helpful. These posts might be most helpful for those who have at least a little experience with React already.

This website

I have made a personal website three times now, but I'm feeling like this one will stick.

How's your Omnibox game?

Getting the most out of the Omnibox.

Handy tips for software support

Tips for being the best software support person EVER!

Memoization in the wild

Memoization isn't just for fibonacci numbers.